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Meet Our Staff
  • Dealership Contacts (866) 603-8625
    • Barry Bunker Photo
      Barry Bunker
      Dealer Principle
    • Tom Enochs Photo
      Tom Enochs
      New Car Manager; F&I Manager
    • Mike Overman Photo
      Mike Overman
      New Car Salesman
    • Lucas Bunker Photo
      Lucas Bunker
      Used Car Manager/ General Manager
    • Scott Enochs Photo
      Scott Enochs
      Used Car Salesman
    • Doug Brumett Photo
      Doug Brumett
      Used Car Salesman
    • Chuck  Lawson Photo
      Chuck  Lawson
      New Car Salesman
    • Mona Cook Photo
      Mona Cook
    • Carol Fischhaber Photo
      Carol Fischhaber
      Inventory Manager
    • Tonya Yeagy Photo
      Tonya Yeagy
      Accounting Clerk
    • Kathy Baumbaugh Photo
      Kathy Baumbaugh